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A New, Free Email Subscription Teaches How to GROW YOUR INCOME ONLINE... with Sustainable and Ethical Methods

Hi, I am Virpi and I have an announcement to make… I have started a new, free email subscription called “Goal Digger”.

It’s specifically for those coaches, trainers, speakers and authors who want to grow their online income.

If that does not describe you, do not feel any pressure to read the rest of this letter…

If you do qualify then here are the details…

Those who join, will cut a wide path with the subscription from reaching your audience using Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, setting a WordPress site correctly, creating info products, improving their email marketing open-up and click-through rates, managing their time better, and much more.

The material may contain novice, intermediate or advanced online business training, and I attempt to categorize it.

The content may be written guides, screencapture videos, or webinars. It may be free content or paid offers. My primary goal is to help you attain your business goals and increase your income, not sell you. Rest assured that you are not being added to some sales system…  It will be completely up to you if an offer is made.

IMPORTANT: Please note that no email will be an automated one!  Each content message you’ll receive from me will be sent the same day you receive it.

Everything will be email based, the content I sent to you will not be housed elsewhere. Occasionally, I might publish a collection of most popular topics, but please do not ask for past issues or previous content. I highly recommend you create a folder in your email client to keep all Goal Digger email messages. This enables you to gather a valuable online business training resource for yourself.

This is also important…

Goal Diggers group will be
limited to 1,000 subscribers.

Because I only want to have action takers in this special group, every month I will go through and unsubscribe people who have not been reading the emails or taking action on assignments.

Inactive subscribers will be removed from the mailing list because this group is for those actively growing their business online.

And how will I know who to unsubscribe? I use MailChimp email service to send Goal Digger emails. MailChimp tracks email open-up and click-through actions, and has a 5 star rating system for each subscriber. A subscriber who opens and clicks a link will be given 3-5 stars depending on how many links she or he clicked. Subscribers who do not open and don’t click will be 2 stars. Once a month I will unsubscribe and delete those and the ones with only 1 star.

On the other hand, you can unsubscribe at any time, which will make room for others on the waiting list.

A short summary of Goal Digger subscription…

Goal Digger Email Subscribers is a special, active group of people growing their online income. The group size is limited to 1,000 people at all times. Subscribers receive training in all areas important to online business success. These areas cover developing and using different online platforms for your business (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest), email marketing, information product creation, improving your online marketing funnel, developing your online presence and more. The subscription is free, but to stay in the group you need to be consistently active.

After reading all that is this something you would like to be part of?

If yes, enter your email below and look for email messages with Goal Digger in the subject line!

Your information is 100% secure with us. We will never sell, rent or share your details.